How We Created a Vision:
People and

Process for Creating the Vision

To create a vision for the future of housing and cost of living in Utah, a team of experts gathered over a two-year period to share knowledge and extensively research and discuss options for improvement. Members of the Housing and Cost of Living Action Team were selected by Governor Gary Herbert and Envision Utah to represent a spectrum of professional experience and political affiliations. Team members included developers, legislators, affordable-housing advocates, and other experts from across the state. From 2013 to 2015, the action team met to identify Utahns’ choices related to housing, create scenarios for public input, and synthesize a vision for the future. The process of creating this vision also included the following components:

The action team used this information to create four different scenarios for the future of housing and cost of living in Utah. These scenarios differed in the variety and inclusiveness of housing options in communities, people’s proximity to public transportation, how close the housing built matches what people and the market want and need, and the proximity of amenities and services to where people live. These scenarios were presented to the public in the Your Utah, Your Future survey in spring 2015, and 52,845 Utahns weighed in.

After receiving public input on the four scenarios, the action team met to frame a vision, including goals and strategies, to achieve what Utahns said they wanted for housing and cost of living in 2050.

Housing & Cost of Living Action Team


Pamela Atkinson

Community Advocate

Dan Lofgren

President and CEO, Cowboy Partners

Ty McCutcheon

Vice President of Community Development, Kennecott Land



  • Dan Adams
    Vice President and Community Reinvestment Act Officer, CIT Bank
  • Stuart Adams
    Utah Senate
  • Michael Akerlow
    Director, Housing & Neighborhood Development, Salt Lake City
  • Steve Akerlow
    Morgan Stanley
  • Robert Allen
    Mountainland Association of Governments
  • Kerry Bate
    Executive Director, Housing Authority of the County of Salt Lake
  • Mallory Bateman
    Utah Foundation
  • Lori Bays
    Director, Salt Lake County Human Services
  • Brent Beesley
    Trustee, Brent and Bonnie Jean Beesley Foundation
  • Julia Borst
    Senior Vice President, Guaranteed Rate Mortgages
  • Richard Brockmyer
    Strategic Planner II, UTA
  • Darin Brush
    Executive Director, Utah Division of Center of Disease Control
  • Julie Bucholz
    GE Capital
  • Rebecca Chavez-Houck
    Utah House of Representatives
  • Cody Christensen
    Planning Director, Uintah Basin Association of Governments
  • David Clark
    Risk Management of Pitney Bowes Bank
  • Dave Conine
    United States Department of Agriculture
  • Mike Coulam
    Sandy City
  • Joselyn Cousins
    Regional Manager, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
  • Kim Datwyler
    Executive Director, Neighborhood Nonprofit Housing Corporation
  • Mike Desimone
    Logan City
  • Becky Edwards
    Utah House of Representatives
  • Ross Ford
    Homebuilders Association
  • Mike Gallegos
    Salt Lake County
  • Chris Gamvroulas
    Ivory Development
  • Bryson Garbett
    Garbett Homes
  • Maria Garciaz
    Executive Director, Neighborworks Salt Lake
  • Gladys Gonzalez
    President, HMC-La Agency
  • Jonathan Hanks
    Utah Housing Corporation
  • Ted Knowlton
    Wasatch Front Regional Council
  • Janet Louie
    Senior Vice President, Zions Bank
  • Dave Mansell
    Utah Realtors
  • Ben McAdams
    Salt Lake County Mayor
  • Ronda Menlove
    Utah House of Representatives
  • Michael Merrill
    Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce
  • Heidi Miller
    Cedar City Housing Authority
  • Chris Nelson
    Metropolitan Research Center
  • Fraser Nelson
    Executive Director, Community Foundation of Utah
  • Wayne Niederhauser
    Utah Senate
  • Jessica Norie
  • Nick Norris
    Salt Lake City
  • Alan Ormsby
  • Mike Plaizier
    President, Utah Center for Neighborhood Stabilization
  • Luz Robles
    Utah Senate
  • Tara Rollins
    Executive Director, Utah Housing Coalition
  • Amy Rowland
    National Development Council
  • Jim Schulte
    Executive Director, Restore Utah
  • Kip Sheppard
    Wasatch Advantage
  • Wesley Smith
    Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce
  • Rhoda Stauffer
    Housing Specialist, Park City Corporation
  • Michalyn Steele
    BYU Law School
  • Doug Thimm
    Architectural Nexus
  • Blaine Walker
    Walker & Co.
  • Gordon Walker
    Director, Utah Housing and Community Development
  • Danny Walz
    Director, Redevelopment Agency of Midvale City
  • Todd Weiler
    Utah Senate
  • Ray Whitchurch
    IBI Group
  • Brenda Willis
    CRA Manager, American Express
  • Brad Wilson
    Utah House of Representatives
  • Jim Wood
    Bureau of Economic and Business Research
  • Gary Zabriskie
    Director of Community & Economic Development, Five County AOG
  • Pauline Zvonkovic
    U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development