Implementation Cornerstone 2:
Homes, Buildings, Landscaping and Cars of the Future

While Implementation Cornerstone One deals with how our communities and urban areas are organized, this cornerstone concerns the kinds of homes, buildings, landscaping, and vehicles that make up those communities. Technologies and efficiencies exist today, and are improving every year, that can reduce air pollution; save money; make our homes, buildings, and infrastructure more resilient to disasters; and conserve water. This cornerstone includes the following as basic building blocks of great communities:


Making these improvements to our homes, buildings, vehicles, and landscaping is a robust strategy that will improve Utah’s future for air quality, water, energy, cost of living, disaster resilience, and jobs and the economy. Specifically, benefits include the following:

  • Lower air-polluting emissions from our homes and buildings
  • Lower emissions from cleaner vehicles with cleaner fuels
  • Less water demand for landscaping, freeing water for other priorities
  • Less energy consumption
  • Lower energy costs for families and businesses
  • Increased resilience to disasters by ensuring fewer deaths, less property damage, and more habitable homes and buildings
  • A stronger economy through lower costs, cleaner air, better water management, and greater disaster resilience


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