Utahns’ Vision for the
Future of

Utahns envision using energy that is clean, affordable, and reliable. They see a future where energy costs remain low for households and businesses. They also envision clean energy production, using natural gas and renewable sources that are produced responsibly. Utahns want to use the state’s many and diverse energy resources to supply its own energy needs, without being susceptible to disruption. As Utah grows, Utahns envision a significant portion of future energy demand being met through energy efficiency and conservation.

What Utahns Want: Goals

Significantly reduce the amount of energy consumed by each Utahn.
Diversify energy sources by using Utah’s many resources.
Improve energy self-sufficiency as the population grows.
Keep household and business energy costs low.
Limit environmental impacts of fuel and energy production where feasible.
Limit the amount of air pollution caused by energy production and consumption.
Build and maintain strong, diverse economies throughout the state, including in energy-producing areas.

How We’ll Get There: Key Strategies

Increase energy conservation and efficiency.
Transition to natural gas and renewable sources as coal is phased out due to environmental regulations.
Expand use of renewable energy sources but not to a point where energy storage for renewables dramatically increases cost.
Promote economic development and self-sufficiency by expanding responsible development of fossil fuel and renewable energy sources.

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