Your Utah, Your Future

As wagon trains headed west to settle in Utah, many planted crops along the way, even though they would never see the fruits of their labors; the crops were for the benefit of future travelers. Within three days of entering the Salt Lake Valley in 1847, those first pioneers convened to create a community plan that would last for generations. With each new settlement, the pioneers laid out a gridded street network, planned for water resources, and identified locations for churches, public buildings, parks, and schools. Repeatedly throughout the state’s history, each generation has come together to envision and prepare a better future for generations to follow.

Your Utah, Your Future is our generation’s way to “plant crops” for those who follow us. The vision is based on Utahns’ values and has been created by the shared voice of over 60,000 Utahns. The magnitude of public participation in choosing this shared future is unprecedented anywhere in the country.

From the beginning to end, the process was structured to ensure that this would be a vision by Utahns and for Utahns.

Your Utah, Your Future began with a study of Utahns’ values and priorities. The process then brought hundreds of experts and stakeholders together to identify the choices we face and how those choices will affect Utahns’ lives. Next, Utahns selected from among those choices. Combining Utahns’ values, the choices identified by experts and stakeholders, and Utahns’ selection from among those choices resulted in a shared vision for the future.