In April and May 2015, 52,845 Utahns shared their voice through the Your Utah, Your Future survey. Participants chose their favorite scenarios for housing and cost of living and other topics. After choosing scenarios, survey participants had the option to answer a series of questions to prioritize housing and cost of living among other issues, determine the most important outcomes related to housing and cost of living, and identify how willing they would be to take specific actions that would ensure those outcomes. The survey results were cross-checked against a random-sample survey to ensure they represented the desires and opinions of Utahns.

What Utahns Want

Almost 80% chose the Quaking Aspen and Sego Lily scenario, in which communities supply a wide range of housing options that match what Utahns want and can afford. In these communities, most people live close to walkable mixed-use centers, where they can access jobs, shopping, recreation, and public transportation.

Why Utahns Want It

Utahns want communities that have a diverse mix of housing types so that many people can afford decent homes and so that those with lower incomes can live in desirable neighborhoods, improving opportunity for them and their children. Utahns also want to reduce how much each household spends on transportation. They place very little importance on limiting how many apartments, townhomes, and low income people or renters are in their communities.

What Utahns Are Willing To Do

Utahns are very willing to have more communities allow a variety of housing types other than large-lot homes (e.g., small-lot homes, townhomes, apartments, duplexes, and mother-in-law and basement apartments).





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