Utahns’ Vision for the
Future of

Utahns envision education as the key to improving their quality of life and creating better communities for themselves and for future generations. They see a future where all Utah children have access to a high-quality education that provides them with the opportunities, knowledge, and experiences necessary to be better citizens and provide a secure living for themselves and their families.

What Utahns Want: GOALS

Elevate Utah to be among the top ten states in academic achievement.
Provide all children access to high-quality education.
Ensure every student receives the help they need to become college and career ready.
Ensure all students have the opportunity to enter and complete higher education.
Foster a highly-educated workforce that experiences personal economic stability and meets the needs of Utah’s economy.
Provide all Utahns with the opportunity to succeed and contribute to society.

How We’ll Get There: KEY STRATEGIES

Adopt a long-range plan that is adaptable to local needs, and consistently implement proven, effective strategies to accomplish Utah’s education goals.
Dedicate significant and stable investments to public and postsecondary educational opportunities sufficient to implement strategies.
Attract and retain high-quality teachers, administrators, and counselors.
Ensure access to high-quality early childhood education for every child.
Increase involvement of parents, families, and community organizations in students’ education.
Assess students’ progress early and often to ensure they get the help they need to maximize their potential.
Ensure quality higher education and postsecondary opportunities are affordable for everyone.

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