Jobs & Economy

Utahns’ Vision for the
Future of Jobs & Economy

Utahns envision a thriving economy with full employment and family-supporting wages. They want a prosperous, resilient, and diverse economy that enables Utah families to enjoy a high quality of life, financial security, and peace of mind. They see communities that are safer and better in many ways and that are unaffected by joblessness, low wages, or lack of opportunity.

What Utahns Want: Goals

Ensure Utah is a prosperous place with a strong economy.
Provide access to plentiful, good jobs with family-supporting wages that allow all Utahns to make a good living and achieve a high quality of life.
Foster an economy of diverse industries and businesses that is resilient to changes in local, national, and global markets.
Build a thriving economy that produces plentiful tax revenue to meet state and local needs.

How We’ll Get There: Key Strategies

Foster, retain, and attract a highly educated workforce.
Foster a variety of businesses and industries.
Connect Utah to economies throughout the U.S. and the world to avoid being overly dependent on any single economy.
Significantly improve Utah’s air quality.
Ensure people can afford to live and do business in Utah.
Ensure convenient movement of people and goods.

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