Why Housing & Cost of Living Matter:

In 2014, Envision Utah conducted a statewide values study to identify (1) what factors Utahns view as affecting their quality of life the most and (2) the underlying emotions and values tied to those factors.

Utahns believe that having a range of housing and transportation options, with housing close to amenities and services, will decrease the cost of living in Utah. Utahns want to spend less on housing and transportation, so they can save money, get ahead, and work less. A low cost of living also means their children are more likely to stay in Utah. This provides more time with family, reduces stress, and gives Utahns a sense of enjoyment, as well as peace of mind that future generations will have good opportunities.

Utahns also feel that having more housing options and an affordable cost of living will allow more people to live in nice housing. This reduces homelessness, helps end the cycle of poverty, and creates a culture of ownership, leading to safer neighborhoods and better communities. As a result, Utahns experience a sense of personal security and peace of mind.

Having amenities and services close to housing saves not only money, but also time because Utahns don’t have to commute as far. As a result, they can spend more time doing other things with family and friends, which gives them peace of mind and a sense of enjoyment.

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