Implementation Cornerstone 4:

Utahns believe everyone deserves an opportunity to receive a high-quality education that prepares them to participate in the workforce and in society and that maximizes their individual potential. To provide a good education to Utah’s growing population, we need to accomplish the following:


Fostering a highly educated population is a robust strategy with significant benefits for jobs and the economy, cost of living, health, communities, and other topics. Specifically, benefits include the following:

  • A strong economy, with more jobs for everyone and higher tax revenue
  • Increased abilities of Utahns to find good jobs, experience personal economic stability, and save money
  • Greater likelihood that Utahns will vote and volunteer in their communities
  • Reduction in crime and need for social services (food stamps, unemployment benefits, etc.)
  • Improved chances for low-income children to break the cycle of poverty, as they complete school, find good jobs, and increase lifetime earnings
  • Fewer health issues, such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity

The Utah Economic Council and the Jobs and Economy Action Team stated that Utah’s economy is impacted by education more than by any other issue. 

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