VALUES and Survey

The Your Utah, Your Future process involved several rounds of public input, each leading to distinct findings about the future Utahns want to see.

Values Study

In 2014, Envision Utah conducted a values study to understand Utahns’ priorities and attitudes, to identify the factors related to quality of life that matter most to residents, and to determine why those factors are important to Utahns. The study methodology is described on the Your Utah, Your Future Process page, and detailed findings for each of the 11 topic areas are described in their respective vision reports.

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Your Utah, Your Future Survey

Over a two-month period, 52,845 Utahns shared their voice through the Your Utah, Your Future survey. The survey asked what Utahns wanted to see in the future regarding 11 different topics, and then asked them to choose an overall scenario for 2050. The survey results were cross-checked against a random-sample survey to ensure it represented the desires and opinions of Utahns. The survey engaged a broad cross section of Utahns in terms of location, age, income, gender, and ethnicity.

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