Utahns’ Vision for the
Future of

Utahns envision feeding their families with healthy, high-quality food grown in Utah. They see an abundance of locally grown products as part of a healthy lifestyle that will improve the quality of life for them and future generations. Utahns also envision being more self-reliant and less dependent on other states and countries to provide their food. They also want a future in which Utah’s food industry provides jobs across the state.

What Utahns Want: Goals

Dramatically increase production of fruits, vegetables, and dairy products in Utah.
Increase Utah’s production of grains and proteins to keep up with Utah’s population growth.
Improve Utah’s food self-sufficiency.
Improve Utahns' access to healthy, locally grown food.
Strengthen Utah’s agricultural economy.


How We’ll Get There: Key Strategies

Treat agriculture as a highly valued industry cluster.
Create new distribution channels for Utah farm products that cut out the “middle man” by selling directly to Utah consumers.
Create a toolbox of agricultural preservation options for Utah communities that are consistent with private property rights and Utahns’ values.
Keep irrigation water in food production.
Put new lands into agricultural production where feasible.
Shift agriculture from animal-consumed crops (e.g., alfalfa and hay) to human-consumed crops (e.g., fruits and vegetables) where feasible.
Increase urban farming.
Investigate and apply the best worldwide practices for producing food in new, creative ways (e.g., vertical farming, ultra-low water use production, and co-locating with other industries for heating).

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