Utahns’ Vision for the
Future of 

Utahns envision being able to easily access a wide variety of uncrowded recreational opportunities. In addition to Utah’s natural lands, they want parks, trails, and open spaces throughout their towns and cities. They see themselves and future generations using the state’s recreational resources to live active, healthy lives and to spend time with family and friends. They envision Utah remaining a premier place for outdoor recreation for both residents and visitors.

What Utahns Want: Goals

Provide access to outdoor recreation near people’s homes through a network of parks, trails, and open space.
Provide convenient access to outdoor destinations that are farther away by developing and maintaining campgrounds, picnic areas, hiking trails, off-highway vehicle trails, and state and national recreation areas.
Minimize crowding at outdoor recreational facilities.
Maximize the economic benefit of outdoor recreation through tourism, a quality of life that attracts employers and employees, and growth of outdoor recreation-based industries.

How We’ll Get There: Key Strategies

Create and invest in a comprehensive statewide plan for recreation.
Establish a connected network of trails, parks, and bike lanes throughout urban areas.
Develop additional recreational facilities to accommodate increasing demand and to avoid overcrowding.
Continue to promote Utah’s outdoor recreation outside the state to draw tourists to Utah.
Continue to grow the outdoor recreation economy by attracting tourism-based businesses and equipment manufacturers to the state.

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Choices for
the Future

The following scenarios were drafted by the Agriculture, Public Lands, and Recreation Action Team to represent possible outcomes for Utah’s outdoor recreation in 2050. The scenarios differed in the strategies used to respond to the increased use of recreational areas by Utah’s growing population and by the rising number of tourists. The scenarios were presented to the public as part of the Your Utah, Your Future survey in spring 2015.


The scenarios were titled Allosaurus, Bonneville Trout, Seagull, Sego Lily, and Quaking Aspen (the state fossil, fish, bird, flower, and tree):