Transportation and Communities

Utahns’ Vision for the
Future of
Transportation &

Utahns envision safe communities that make life convenient. They desire active town and village centers in and around most neighborhoods, so they can choose to live close to where they work, shop, learn, and play. They want to be able to drive short distances, walk, bike, and access public transportation in most communities, so they can live healthy lives and save time and money. Utahns envision their communities having good housing options for them, regardless of their stage of life and whether they want to own a large home or rent a small apartment.

What Utahns Want: Goals

Accommodate all Utahns in safe, attractive, and neighborly communities.
Ensure services and amenities (jobs, schools, shopping, parks, etc.) are convenient to where people live.
Make it convenient to reach destinations by driving, taking public transportation, walking, and biking.
Build communities that use less land, reduce impacts on farms, and require less money for building and maintaining public infrastructure (e.g., roads and utilities).
Provide convenient access to nature and recreation.
Minimize costs related to housing, transportation, taxes, utilities, and other expenses.

How We’ll Get There: Key Strategies

Develop an interconnected pattern of mixed-use neighborhood, village, town, and urban centers that bring destinations and opportunities closer to people.
Build a balanced transportation system that makes it convenient to get around with or without a car.
Provide a variety of neighborhoods Utahns can choose from, while allowing the housing market to provide a variety of housing options in all communities.
Connect communities with a system of trails and parks.
Plan development so that future roads, public transportation, power lines, water lines, job centers, etc., can be accommodated easily and inexpensively.

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