Why Transportation & Communities Matter:

In 2014, Envision Utah conducted a statewide values study to identify (1) what factors Utahns view as affecting their quality of life the most and
(2) the underlying emotions and values tied to those factors.

Utahns want to live close to work, shopping, schools, and services so that they have the option to drive less. As a result, they will spend less time in traffic, and more people will be able to walk or bike to their destinations, leading to cleaner air, lower costs, better physical and mental health, and the ability to enjoy the outdoors. If this happens, Utahns can better enjoy life and be happy.

Utahns also want better transportation infrastructure and more public transportation options, so they can spend less time commuting and save money. Improved infrastructure and transportation options give Utahns more time to do other things, like enjoy relationships with family and friends. As a result, Utahns can experience a sense of happiness and fulfillment.

In addition, Utahns value safe housing in safe neighborhoods with less crime. Safe neighborhoods help create a sense of community and neighborliness. This results in Utahns feeling like they and their families are more secure.

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