In April and May 2015, 52,845 Utahns shared their voice through the Your Utah, Your Future survey. Participants chose their favorite scenarios for jobs and the economy and other topics. After choosing their favorite scenarios, survey participants had the option to answer a series of questions to prioritize jobs and the economy among other issues and determine the most important outcomes related to jobs and the economy. The survey results were cross-checked against a random-sample survey to ensure they represented the desires and opinions of Utahns.

What Utahns Want

The majority of Utahns chose one of the two jobs and economy scenarios that result in the strongest economies. Both these top scenarios include a strong commitment to improving education in order to produce the highly educated workforce needed to have a robust and diverse economy. 56% chose Quaking Aspen, in which Utah’s economy produces an abundance of good jobs with family-supporting wages through greater global connection, a larger focus on producing economic benefits from public lands, and other actions. Another 27% of Utahns preferred the Sego Lily scenario with an economy that’s not quite as strong, but with a greater focus on the environment and less international emphasis.

Why Utahns Want It

When it comes to jobs and the economy, the most important outcome to Utahns is ensuring a strong economy that provides plentiful, good jobs and high wages. They also want the economy to generate enough revenue to spend on needs such as education and infrastructure. Having a strong economy is more important to Utahns than limiting how much they pay in taxes. Ensuring the economy does not attract additional population growth was rated the lowest in terms of importance.

What Utahns Are Willing To Do

A strong economy is the result of decsions and actions across many topics, and Utahns are willing to take actions in other topics that would drive a strong economy. In terms of education, Utahns are willing to increase taxes for education funding if they know the funds will be spent strategically on effective, proven strategies. Utahns are willing to do what it takes to improve air quality. They are willing to shape their communities to make travel convenient and keep the cost of living low. They are also willing to use public lands for energy production and grazing if they’re done in ways that are protective of ecosystem and watershed health.

Results What Jobs2

Results Why Jobs2

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