Why Education Matters:

In 2014, Envision Utah conducted a statewide values study to identify (1) what factors Utahns view as affecting their quality of life the most and (2) the underlying emotions and values tied to those factors.

Utahns recognize that a high-quality education is fundamentally important not only for themselves and their children, but also for their communities and the state as a whole. Utahns value good education because it provides individuals with more choices and opportunities, which in turn allows them to make a better living and achieve a higher quality of life for themselves and their families. This in turn gives people a sense of financial security and peace of mind. Utahns also value what education can do for society as a whole, rather than just for the individual: people who receive a quality education gain knowledge and experiences that make them better citizens, which in turn leads to better communities that provide security and a better life for future generations.

Utahns prioritize education above almost any other issue. In the 2014 study, Utahns ranked education as second only to water in terms of importance to Utah’s future. However, they placed education at the bottom, second only to air quality, in terms of how well the state is performing on the issue.

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