Why Water Matters:


In 2014, Envision Utah conducted a statewide values study to identify (1) what factors Utahns view as affecting their quality of life the most and
(2) the underlying emotions and values tied to those factors.

Utahns want clean water to sustain human life and protect the environment; they also want sufficient water to grow food, communities, and the economy.

Utahns primarily value having safe and secure communities, a strong economy with an affordable cost of living, and beautiful surroundings in which to enjoy time with family and friends. Water—and how we manage it—affects all of these three overarching values. Safe, clean water improves Utahns’ sense of security. Affordable water that is available for a variety of uses promotes economic growth. And plentiful, clean water in lakes and streams supports habitats and recreation.

Specifically concerning water, Utahns value having plentiful, readily available, and affordable water for a variety of economic uses, with strong emphasis on local food production and community growth. They believe this will lead to economic growth, better communities, and financial security. They also value having clean water to sustain Utah’s natural beauty and improve the environment for plants and wildlife. This creates a feeling of responsible stewardship of natural resources and the planet.

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