How We Created a Vision:
People and


To create a vision for the future of water in Utah, a team of experts gathered over a two-year period to share knowledge and extensively research and discuss options for Utah’s water future. Members of the State Water Strategy Advisory Team were selected by Governor Gary Herbert and Envision Utah to represent a spectrum of professional experience and political affiliations. Team members included water supply managers, legislators, administrators, farmers, professors, attorneys, advocates, and others from across the state. From 2013 to 2015, the team met to identify Utahns’ choices related to water, create scenarios for public input, and synthesize a vision for the future. The State Water Strategy Advisory Team was also tasked with developing a proposed 2060 State Water Strategy, which may contain more detailed strategies than are included in this 2050 vision. The process of creating this vision also consisted of the following components:

The action team used this information to create five different scenarios for the future of water in Utah. The scenarios differed in the sources of water used to serve the growing population, conservation levels, and allocations among various uses over the next 35 years. These scenarios were presented to the public in the Your Utah, Your Future survey in spring 2015, and 52,845 Utahns weighed in.

After receiving public input on the five water scenarios, the action team met to establish a vision, including goals and strategies, to achieve what Utahns said they wanted for water in 2050.

State Water Strategy Team


Tage Flint

Weber Basin Water Conservancy District

Tim Hawkes

Trout Unlimited & Utah House of Representatives

Warren Peterson

Farmland Reserve Inc.



  • Walt Baker
    Utah Division of Water Quality
  • Richard Bay
    Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District
  • Todd Bingham
    Utah Manufactures Association
  • Todd Brightwell
    Economic Development Corporation of Utah
  • Joel Briscoe
    Utah House of Representatives
  • Sterling Brown
    Utah Farm Bureau
  • Charley Bulletts
    Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah
  • Steve Clyde
    Clyde Snow Attorneys at Law
  • Lynn de Freitas
    Friends of Great Salt Lake
  • Joan DeGiorgio
    The Nature Conservancy, Utah Chapter
  • Keith Denos
    Provo River Water Users Association
  • Stephanie Duer
    Salt Lake City Public Utilities
  • Joanna Endter-Wada
    Utah State University
  • Steve Erickson
    Great Basin Water Network
  • Bob Fotheringham
    Cache County Water Manager
  • Robert Gillies
    State Climatologist
  • Keith Grover
    State Representative
  • Jodi Hoffmann
    Utah League of Cities and Towns
  • Scott Jenkins
    Utah Senate
  • Kent Jones
    State Engineer
  • Voneene Jorgensen
    Bear River Water Conservancy District
  • JT Martin
    IWM Integrated
  • Dan McCool
    University of Utah
  • Eric Millis
    Division of Water Resources
  • Leland Myers
    Central Davis Sewer District
  • Ralph Okerlund
    Utah Senate
  • Shane Pace
    Sandy City Public Utilities
  • Brad Peterson
    Utah Governor's Office of Outdoor Recreation
  • Dale Pierson
    Rural Water Association of Utah
  • Curt Pledger
    Bureau of Reclamation
  • Gene Shawcroft
    Central Utah Water Conservancy District
  • Mark Sovine
    Grand County Water and Sewer District
  • Ron Thompson
    Washington County Water Conservancy District
  • Jane Whalen
    Citizens for Dixie's Future
  • Jody Williams
    Holland and Hart