ENERGY Scenarios:
Choices for
the Future

The following scenarios were created by the Energy Action Team to represent possible outcomes for energy in 2050. The primary variable that was modified in each scenario was the source mix for electricity generation. The percentage of energy generated from natural gas, renewables, and nuclear was adjusted in each scenario, resulting in changes to household costs, pollutants, amount of water used, need for energy storage for renewables, and other outcomes. Because the action team could not foresee a future with significant power production from coal, none of the scenarios included substantial coal-fired electrical generation. The scenarios were presented to the public as part of the Your Utah, Your Future Survey in the spring of 2015.

The scenarios were titled Allosaurus, Bonneville Trout, Seagull, Quaking Aspen, and Sego Lily (the state fossil, fish, bird, tree, and flower):