Why Disaster Resilience Matters:

In 2014, Envision Utah conducted a statewide values study to identify (1) what factors Utahns view as affecting their quality of life the most and (2) the underlying emotions and values tied to those factors.

Disaster resilience reaches the core of what Utahns want for themselves and their families.

Utahns want a safe, secure place for themselves and their families. They also want a strong economy and secure jobs so they can provide for their families. Utahns believe that achieving both of these desires will lead to a sense of personal security and peace of mind concerning those they love. As a result, disaster resilience is important to Utahns. If Utah is prepared to face a major disaster, they can feel safe and be less worried for themselves and their families. They do not want a major disaster to force them or their children to leave Utah. They also want to be able to return to their normal lives quickly and easily following a catastrophic event. If Utah is prepared, Utahns will feel a sense of confidence and peace of mind.

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