How We Created a Vision:
People and

Process for Creating the Vision

To create a vision for the future of air quality in Utah, a team of experts gathered over a two-year period to share knowledge and extensively research and discuss options for improvement. Members of the Clean Air Action Team were selected by Governor Gary Herbert and Envision Utah to represent a spectrum of professional experience and political affiliations. Team members included healthcare professionals, legislators, business leaders, community leaders, and other experts from across the state. From 2013 to 2015, the action team met to identify Utahns’ choices related to air quality, create scenarios for public input, and synthesize a vision for the future. The Clean Air Action Team was also tasked with recommending immediate actions to improve air quality.

The action team used this information to create three different scenarios for the future of air quality in Utah. The three scenarios each represented different strategies that resulted in varying levels of air quality in Utah by 2050. These scenarios were presented to the public in the Your Utah, Your Future survey in spring 2015, and 52,845 Utahns weighed in.

After receiving public input on the three air quality scenarios, the action team met to frame a vision, including goals and strategies, to achieve what Utahns said they wanted for air quality in 2050. Several of these strategies have already been proposed by the Clean Air Action Team to policymakers for implementation.

Clean Air Action Team


Lonnie Bullard

Jacobsen Construction

Dr. Elizabeth Joy

Intermountain Healthcare (January 2015 – Present)

Dr. Michelle Hofmann

Medical Director, Riverton Hospital’s Children Unit (October 2013 – January 2015)



  • Stuart Adams
    Utah Senate
  • Patrice Arent
    Utah House of Representatives
  • Ralph Becker
    Mayor, Salt Lake City
  • Bryce Bird
    Department of Environmental Quality
  • David Brems
    GSBS Architects
  • Rebecca Chavez-Houck
    Utah House of Representatives
  • Jeff Edwards
    Economic Development Corporation of Utah
  • Robin Erickson
    Utah Clean Cities
  • Ryan Evans
    Salt Lake Chamber
  • Matt Eyring
  • Robert Gillies
    State of Utah Climatologist
  • Andrew Gruber
    Wasatch Front Regional Council
  • Susan Hardy
    Mountainland Association of Governments
  • Roger Jackson
    FFKR Architects
  • Ron Jibson
    Questar Gas
  • Linda Johnson
    Utah Air Quality Board
  • Terry Marasco
    Utah Clean Air Alliance
  • Ben McAdams
    Mayor, Salt Lake County
  • Dan McArthur
    Mayor, St. George City
  • Nancy McCormick
    AARP Utah
  • Robert Paine
    Chief Division of Respiratory, Critical Care and Occupational Pulmonary Medicine, University of Utah School of Medicine
  • Angelo Papastamos
    Utah Department of Transportation
  • Edward Redd
    Utah House of Representatives
  • Robert Rolfs
    Utah Department of Health
  • Steve Sands
    Kennecott Utah Copper
  • Joseph Shaffer
    Tri-County Health Department
  • Matt Sibul
    Utah Transit Authority
  • Amanda Smith
    Department of Environmental Quality
  • Peter Stempel
    Stempel Form PC
  • Lowry Snow
    Utah House of Representatives
  • Charles Sorenson
    Intermountain Healthcare
  • Kathy Van Dame
    Wasatch Clean Air Coalition
  • Vicki Varela
    Utah Office of Tourism
  • Ted Wilson
  • Sarah Wright
    Utah Clean Energy